Consignment Agreement

Our consignors agree to the following terms: 

  • Consignment terms span over 6 months once the item is uploaded to the website. At the end of their term, items are donated to charity or become property of Bello Road unless otherwise specified at the time of drop-off. Items may not be available for sale on any other platforms, and will not be returned to the consignor within their selling periods. 
  • Prices are determined at our discretion but typically on a scale of 40%-60% of original retail price. We take into account condition, style and seasonality. All items are subject to go on sale 20% after 2 months, 40% after 4 months and 50% for their final month. 
  • Consignor cash outs are issued by request only on Fridays, and must be for a minimum of $10. 
  • Inactive accounts will be cleared of funds 1 year after last sale.
  • Bello Road is not responsible for theft or damage of an item under consignment. It is rare but it can happen. 
  • Consignment terms are subject to change. You will be notified by email if this occurs, though confirmation will not be required.